We begin the journey with the Fun Series with a whole lot of fun from the distant land of Mexico. Mexican cuisine has similar taste palate as its Indian counterparts with host of spicy, flavorful and aromatic ingredients, that lend depth to each bite.

The Non Stick Pizza Pan from Fun Series is the perfect counterpart for this recipe. So let’s bring the aroma of Mexico to our Indian kitchens with this simple recipe which can be customized according to your preference. We are using locally available ingredients for the Indian twist!


For the roti ( Tortilla)
1 Cup Maida ( All-purpose Flour)
Water to form dough
Generous pinch of salt

Half cup Paneer cubes
Half Cup Bell Peppers/Capsicum ( A good mix of Red, Green and Yellow)
Half cup Red Onions Sliced
Half Cup Cheese ( regular processed cheese will work fine, for the
perfectionist- get cheddar!) finely shredded
Mexican Spice mix ( Keya or any available variety)
Half Tsp Oregano
Salt to taste( the cheese has salt so be careful here)


  • Make a dough with the Flour and roll into Rotis ( Tortillas); Make four Tortillas/ Rotis and keep aside
  • For the Stuffing, put Dash of oil in the Fun Series Non Stick Dinner Time Fry Pan
  • Sauté the onions, bell-peppers lightly on medium flame
  • Add cubed Paneer and salt to taste, and sauté for five minutes till cooked
  • Assemble the Tortillas (roti) on the on slow flame
  • Put the stuffing on one side of the tortilla
  • Sprinkle the Mexican spice mix, oregano and cheese ( drizzle enough to cover the stuffing completely); For garlic lovers, add a dash of garlic powder.
  • Fold the round tortilla in the middle and toast well with a little oil (the pan cover on) till the cheese melts and the sides of the Quesadilla is stuck together as a half-circle.
  • Take off the flame and cut into triangle slices
  • Enjoy your hot cheesy Quesadillas just like that or with sour cream and salsa spreads.

Note- For non-veg options, you can substitute the paneer with boiled, shredded chicken strips. Ensure to use the Non-Stick pan so that the Tortillas glide off the pan once done.

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